Soil Biology

The biology in the soil is of the utmost importance due to the fact that it plays a major role in the cycling of nutrients.  Bacteria and Fungal Hyphae break down and absorb nutrients from the minerals in soil.  They act as a food source for the larger predators.  Those being the Protozoa (Amoebae, Flagellates and Cilliates, with Cilliates representing low oxygen and anearobic soil condictions) and  Nematodes (bacterial feeding, fungal feeding, root feeding and predatory). Plants release exudates which attract the biology,  This is where the relationships start being established in the soil profile.
Research & Development

Through the study of various soil samples, we can extend our knowledge of the abundance of life that has been below our feet all this time.

The Science

Stay tuned as we gather our scientific information.  

Microscopy & Lab Testing

We can show you how to take your own soil samples or we can come out to your site and take samples for you.  We like to take sample from both the healthy and unhealthy environments so that we get a clear picture of what is happening in your soil.  The biology is of most importance in your soil since it plays a major role in nutrient cycling.


We have microscopes in house and can test your soil at our facility.