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By definition Aqua, relating to water, and Biotic, of, relating to, or resulting from living things, especially in their ecological relations.  Our services include Soil Biology, Microscopy, Soil Analysis, Compost Tea and Compost Preparation, Permaculture and Permaculture Earthworks, Site Surveying, Food Forestry and Plant Species Selection, Grey and Black Water Filtration, Wetlands and Aquaponics.  We consult, design, build and maintain systems in each of these fields and are open to working on projects globally.

Soil Biology & Microscopy
Permaculture & Earthworks
About us

We have been providing our services for over 10 years in many parts of the world.  We have worked on Projects, in Greece, Nicaragua, and all throughout California including but not limited to Santa Cruz, Redwood Valley, Willits and Santa Rosa.

Latest News 

Current Aquaponics Project

April 2015


We are currently working on an Aquaponics Project in Redwood Valley, California.  The system will contain Rainbow Trout, Fresh Water Shrimp and Crayfish, Minnows and an assortment of water loving veggies like water cress and celery.

Permaculture Project

March - Spring 2016


5 acres of a 20 acre parcel in Willits, California will be converted to a food forest.  Project includes Surveying the site, Earthoworks, implementing several pond sites connected to swales, tree and plant species selection and placement ranging between overstory to ground cover, chickens,ducks, llamas, alpacas, goats...